The benefit of acquiring a diesel generator

If the power grid has not been installed, generators are used as the main source of electricity. They are especially popular among the owners of farms and country houses located far from civilization, in rotary villages and geological expeditions.

In addition, filming lighting technology often works on such power sources: spotlights and lamps.

If you want to use a diesel generator as a backup source, then the best option would be a low -power device and a simple device. When choosing an unit, keep in mind that this equipment can be of several types: high -speed generators (3000 about. / Min) and low -speed (about 1500 about. / Min). If you want to use the device of at least 400-500 mothers per year, then stop the high-speed apparatus. If you plan to use it for more time, then the unit with a frequency of 1,500 about. / Min. Let them have the same power, and the amount is different, but the second is characterized by an increased production resource and a reduced noise level.

Trying to decide on what power to dwell on, you should think about the degree of proposed load. Much attention should be paid to its views. So, there are active loads and reactive. Active give units that convert electricity into heat (electric stoves, heaters, irons). In order to find out the necessary capacity in this case, it is necessary to summarize the initial capacities of working electrical appliances with a similar type of load and add about 10-20% for reliability. As for reactive loads, they are capacitive and inductive (this includes production lighting, street lamp). You can determine them by the corresponding formula.

Keep in mind the influence of high starting currents. At the time when you turn on the device, each motor consumes much more electricity than when working in normal mode. Let the overloads do not last long at the start, but it is very important that the diesel generator is able to withstand it without breaking.

Pay attention to the method of cooling the diesel generator. A reserve power source can be a low -power apparatus, which is equipped with air cooling. But as for devices with a liquid type by using water or antifreeze, they are characterized by much greater power and are perfect for constant power supply. In addition, it should be remembered that for cooling with air you need a considerable volume of air resources and such diesel generators have a high noise level.

Do not forget to determine what option you need – stationary or mobile to go to the store. The first requires appropriate installation by specialists and a special premises, the second needs a container for transportation.