Welding apparatus: what is, characteristics

Welding devices have become so accessible that many use them in the household. In the modern market you can find professional self -propelled, suspended or household portable devices. One of the main indicators for choosing a particular model is power. But, as practice shows, far from the only.

First of all, you need to determine what material you need to process. Many make a mistake, making a choice only from the maximum welding current. There are models equipped with thermostats, there are models without them. If you are going to work with thick metals, then you plan to buy a model with a high maximum current. In this case, it is better to purchase an apparatus with a thermostat to prevent heating.

The next important factor when choosing a welding machine is a continuous work cycle. It is usually indicated as a percentage. If you need welding for household purposes, it will be enough to buy a model with indicators of 15-20%. For industrial work, choose a model at least 60%.

Recently, inverter welding machines have gained great popularity. They have only one minus – a high price compared to predecessors. However, its pluses more than overlap this drawback. Small dimensions and small weight is the first thing that catches your eye to customers. Small dependence on the input voltage is the main plus of such models. Choosing a model, be sure that she will suit you. Welding apparatus is expensive, so it should be served for a long time. Before buying, consult with knowledgeable people.

The jack is in the arsenal of any mechanic. We are all used to what it serves to raise cars. However, in fact, its scope is very wide. In industry, you can not do without large stationary jacks. But in the usual home construction site, this unit will be very useful in installation and repair and repair work.

The jacks differ not only in size and carrying capacity, then also. The main varieties of the jack are hydraulic, screw, pneumatic, wedge and rack. Their designs differ, and one function is the rise in large weight objects. The main plus of the jack is its mobility. Work with him exempts an employee from additional structures. The main minus is a relatively small working height compared to the winch or ramp.