Modern brick and metal stoves

Many owners of houses and apartments prefer to use the oven as a heating device, and this is easily explainable. After all, stove fuel (firewood, coal, fuel briquettes) costs relatively cheap. But it is worth noting that the house for home does not always meet all the necessary requirements. So, brick furnaces are heated for a very long time, in addition, you need to monitor the combustion process so that the firewood does not burn too quickly, without having time to warm the room. It is dangerous to push the damper early, t. To. In the room, a carbon monoxide may appear from the underlyed coals. The disadvantage of metal furnaces (bourgeois) is that they heat a small section next to them, but warm, unlike brick, very quickly.

Convenience and advantages of modern furnaces.

Modern fireplaces combine all the advantages of stone and metal furnaces. Thanks to the system of convective pipes, large areas quickly heat up. Topies of such furnaces can work for a long time, maintaining a constant temperature in the room. Metal stoves today are completely different. They differ in shape and size. Some of them have built -in hermetic furnaces, this allows the furnaces to work longer, heat exchangers are arranged in others, some furnaces are equipped with heat heaters, which allows air to heat the air in the next rooms. Outside, the walls of metal stoves can be made of steel or cast iron, sometimes the walls are faced with interchangeable panels of ceramic tiles. For camping conditions, models of compact metal furnaces with removable legs have been developed.

Fire -safety installation of furnaces.

When installing heating devices, one must not forget about fire safety measures. The furnace is installed strictly on refractory ceilings, but if it is made of flammable materials, cover it with fire -resistant material on top. If a large furnace is installed, you need to put several fire -retardant sheets at the installation site, for example, from asbarton, and fix these sheets on top with a metal sheet. We must not forget about the correct assembly, the installation of the chimney, because the process of combustion in the furnace and the freshness of air in the room during the furnace will depend on this. Parts of the chimney are interconnected, the joints are treated with sealant.

Safe use of furnaces.

When using heating devices, it is necessary to comply with the rules of fire safety technique. Near the furnace do not fold and do not leave flammable objects. It is imperative to periodically clean the chimney from soot (at least once a year), a stove from ash and other accumulations, for this use a metal container with a lid. You can not melt the stove with combustible liquids. Drying and laying things on the surface of the furnace is also not recommended. [Embeded Content]