The main characteristics and technology of production of drywall

The use of drywall sheets today has become one of the most popular options for completing finishing work. With the help of this convenient material, the ceiling, floor and walls are easily performed, you can quickly build partitions, create a beautiful arched structure. The advantages of this building material are explained by the technology of its manufacture. The sheet is made of gypsum, on both sides of the stacked with durable cardboard. Often such material is additionally strengthened by reinforcing additives.

On sale, this material can be called drywall sheets, gypsum panels, dry stucco. The advantage of the material is the lack of a pungent odor. He does not conduct electricity, absorbs moisture well and is ready to give it depending on the level of moisture in the atmosphere. Various options for this material are presented on sale. It is produced by many manufacturers. Hypsum cardboard KNAUST, produced using German technologies, is highly popular. Good characteristics also differ in the Volma drywall.

Types of gypsum sheets

When choosing the material, manufacturers recommend paying attention to their types. Any material of this type, including drywall KNAUST and similar to it, are offered in the following variations:

• wall, thickness 12, 5 mm;

• ceiling, 9, 5 mm thick;

• flexible arched, the thickness of which 6, 5 mm makes it possible to create complex structures without creases and cracks on the bends;

• moisture resistant, having increased resistance to open flame (GKLVO);

• moisture resistant (GKLV);

• fire -resistant (GCLO);

• combined with the inner insulation layer.

Options for the edges of drywall

Experienced buyers know that the Volma drywall and other types of this product are specially produced with a ready -made edge of various types.

Most often there are models with a straight longitudinal edge of the PC. It makes it possible to quickly perform the installation of the finished design dry without additional seaming. For use in the work of models with a refined edge, it is necessary to additionally purchase putty for processing joints on sickle (reinforcing tape). Without a reinforcing tape, the seams of drywall sheets with a semicircular edge of the PLC are seized. The choice of models with a rounded edge of the ZK becomes a guarantee of further wall plaster.

Hypsum -plane production technology

This lightweight material has become popular today due to the ability to do all work with its use of one person. Installation of the partition from this material can be performed even on a wooden floor. When using the material in the decoration, the desired form of the blanks of future parts of the wall, the slope of the window sill or the ceiling is easy to give yourself. In order to give the hyposcarton the shape, it is enough to wet it a little. You can cut by the pattern using any sharp tool. When creating large -scale structures, it is important to first create a metal frame. For its manufacture, almost any metal is used, including light aluminum.

To create finished designs, a minimum number of tools is required. First of all, a punch and a screwdriver. Work on creating a frame is performed using a grinder.