Bath construction: what needs to be taken into account, the stages of the process

Many people perceive the bath as a large building of black logs, with a black firebox. But we must not forget that the 21st century came outside the window, and achievements in technology came here and here. Nowadays, the bathhouse is much more effective and modern than in the old days. There are a huge number of types of construction of a bath, but great attention is paid to a bathhouse built of wood. Inside it is a wooden log house that provides comfortable microclimatic conditions.

Before building a bath, it is worth deciding on its appearance, it will be Russian or Finnish. A separate steam room or with a shower there will be a separate one there (in case there is no river or lake nearby).

If finances do not allow massive construction, then the ideal option is to make a small log house, combine the steam room with a shower, make a stove from a brick and a dressing room from a board. The log house is built as well as a house made of wood, there is only one difference, in a bath log house a threshold is made inside the bathhouse and in the dressing room itself.

If you decide to use the stove from the metal, you should lay a brick or concrete in its base. However, today it is not necessary to build a bath yourself, there are many companies specializing in buildings, they make baths on order, such companies need only data about the premises, and they will make a project of your bathhouse.