Roof and pipe: how to install correctly

The pipe that naturally goes to the roof should be clear as possible closer to the prince. Naturally this improves traction.

Put the well -burned, well -burned high -quality cherries, a slightly full -bodied Saman, then there is nothing true and to say a cement or limestone solution, taking the pipe can be knew to the embroidery do not swear below 0, 5 m specifically from the surface of the roof, if the sympathy is in particular from the prince One hundred percent not lower than 1, 5 m; to the level of the prince of the roof, if there is, without any of the prince, in fact at a distance of 1, 5-3 m and not indisputably below the line laid, and it is from the prince of the Dole at an angle of 10 ° to the horizon, if the truth is the true pipe truth from the prince is ultimately placed at a distance of more than 3 m. Seriously, in case of violation of these circumstances, not only the power of traction will decrease, but the return movement of the air will also create, as a result, no matter how you say what regularly bake will begin to smoke terribly. They have an effect literally on the traction in the vortex stove and deserving side by side on Flat or the trees of the same with a dense crown.

Significantly strengthen the traction can actually be the device of the top of the pipe. Essentially, on the zenith pipe, put the indisputably cement solution attacked at an angle of 45 °. Especially instead of cement mortar, roof steel can be used.