Septics for a country house: varieties, features of application

Septics for the Czech Topas country house are technologically cleaned by the competent development of natural biological filtration of water, along with bubble aeration of air. Full additive with air bubbles – artificially. The same ceremony is required for a certain separation of organic substances, and then its components in the processed wastewater.  

The quick process of work is: not clean drains fall appropriately into the reception cell or tank, inside which their transfusion is completely equalized. Immediately, the necessary flushing is carried out from unnecessary components present in the dirty drained drain such order is called: “Septic tanks for a country house Airiation cleaning of dirty drained drains”. We move on to the new move: having previously completed the first stages, water flows into an air tank previously prepared for this case. Inside the apparatus, excess clusters are destroyed by silt, according to its scientific oxidation.  

Cleaning active silt, due to the internal erlift, is loaded into the stabilizer. Wasmed silt along the accumulation, loaded in a specially designated chamber from which is pumped out by the air shell hose.  

Septic tanks for a country house are ease of installation anywhere in your site.