How to finish the facade of the house: options, special process

Each building has its own facade. Institute building, shop, country house, library – all of them have a facade.

Modern materials and technologies allow you to make the facade more beautiful, strengthen it, make it more functional. It would seem what functionality the external part of the building can have? At a minimum, it can divert water, ventilate the room, protect it from insects.

The produced primary finish is usually done during any building under construction. If they begin to carry out external decoration of all walls of any building, then they begin to carry out work with facing bricks, then in this case the finish may not be required.

Usually, construction plaster is more often used to finish all walls from ordinary bricks or other special blocks. When using simple plaster, the surface of the walls becomes not only even, but also smooth and rather strong. To give the necessary properties to this decoration, you can use different additives.

To give a house, a beautiful look, they often use decorative plaster. It is made on the basis of several plaster mixtures that are made of dry species with different types of additives.