Interior doors: varieties, manufacturing materials

Consumers often do not know how to choose interior doors, what you need to pay attention to when buying. This article will help to navigate the whole variety of products and make the right choice.

Two main quality characteristics – dimensions (width, height, thickness) and the weight of the door leaf. Mistake in measurements

opening and doors will lead to the fact that it will be simply impossible to use it. If you are not sure that you yourself can cope with this issue, it is better to invite

Masters for measurements.

So, after determining the size, it remains to choose a door for design: material, color, decor elements, accessories (closing the mechanism, handles). At this point, you also need to be attentive. For example, the weight of the door directly depends on the material from which it is made. Today, door leafs are the following types:

Doors from an array of valuable wood (oak, walnut, ash, birch, etc.). This type refers to a high price category, and in design there are two types: thyroid doors and phylencial;

Interior doors veneered. The basis of the canvas is a pine pillar, chipboard, MDF, or it is just a cavity of two sheets filled with corrugated cardboard, which is glued with thin wooden plates on top – veneer and covered with several layers of varnish. They differ in a variety of colors and design, moisture resistant, resistant to mechanical damage;

Ecospon interior doors. Ecospon – modern material for surfaces, a film with a 2D effect. It has a lot of advantages: a wide variety of textures imitating natural woods; high wear resistance; easy to care and easily wash; Ecospon doors are suitable for all types of interior, possessing an ideal combination of cost – quality;

PVC interior doors, or plastic doors. The frame of the door leaf of pine is strengthened by bars and then glued with decorative plastic panels, on which a film is applied, imitating textures of different wood of wood;

Laminated doors. The frame is pasted with MDF panels, and then covered with laminated coating of PVC. A fairly popular type of door due to the low price and variety of elements and drawings on the film.

Interior doors also differ in the opening method (swing, sliding, folding), by the mechanism of the lock, decor elements (glass inserts, plastic or metal linings, etc. The door leafs are presented in the market hundreds of models.