Unusual interior decoration – furniture and accessories from Luft

Only creative people and have great fantasy can use traditional objects in some new, unusual expression on most expression. For example, designer Fernando Lapossa, offer your vision of using such a material as Lifu – a fruit growing in Asia and dried in a dried form as a washcloth or sponge.

Thanks to the vivid ideas of this designer, an unusual collection of furniture appeared, as well as additional accessories, the material for the manufacture of which to one degree or another was Lifu.

The collection presents a table with an original storage system, lamps, partitions that can serve as separators of space, and can be used to disperse light.

Flower pots look most unusual, the outer shell of which is Lifu. Of course, such an unusual accessory can become a decoration of any interior, because it is not only very unusual, but also really stylish.