Repair in the bathroom. Dismantling of the bathroom: Stages and features

Today is the first day on a new facility. We have the task: to carry out full repairs in the bathroom and toilet, combining them into one room.   On the first day of work – we have to dismantle the premises. It is necessary not only to break the partition between the toilet and the bathroom, but also to remove all the plaster from the walls, to dismantle some doors, and to pierce the doorway with a brick. A lot for a brigade of two people per day.

Dismantling, thin.

Well, let’s start the repair in the bathroom? Dismantled the washbasin, the bath and the toilet so far we leave in their places. People need to leave at least a minimum, some amenities.   Now, armed with two perforators, we proceed to the disassembly of the cross. The partition did not have to be destroyed, but to disassemble, since the brick removed from the partition, we are applicable to seal the doorway. The work was slowed down. In order not to accidentally break the half -rotten pipes and not to arrange a flood, I had to work very carefully. The heated towel rail (the replacement of the risers is planned for tomorrow) we temporarily secured the ceiling with a reinforcement with a co -welded clamp at the end.

We dismantle the crossroads

When the rebuild was dismantled, we smoothly moved to the removal of the old plaster. In order for the laying of the tile that we plan to carry out to serve as long as possible, the tile must be laid on a pure brick, without any interlayers of the old plaster. Dismantling, pieces, the process is not pleasant, but a very important stage in preparing walls for laying tiles. A lot of dust and dirt. 30 empty bags we bought, by the end of the day were completely clogged with fragments of brick and a batty plaster.

We dismantle the door

Having overcome the walls, we began to dismantle the doors. Here I also had to try to damage the corridor as little as possible. The owners came across very “competent”, so we have to do repairs in the bathroom in a living, recently renovated apartment. Gently sawing the lutka on both sides, we tear off the resulting parts from the wall. This dismantling method allows you to maintain walls intact and safety.

Now you can do it and. In order to save a little time, I leave my partner to fight with the floor, and I myself begin to close up the dismantled door.