PVC panels: what is it, features of application

As a material for decorating the walls of the premises, many people prefer wall PVC panels for all other available options for a rather long time. This is due to the fact that the PVC panel has an exceptional number of properties that allow them to use them when decorating almost any room.

1. PVC panel is moisture-resistant, which allows you to use it in places with high humidity, such as toilet and bathroom, basement, pool room.

2. PVC panels are not subject to corrosion. Polyvinyl chloride does not corrode with oxidists, as mentioned above, is not afraid of moisture, does not rot and does not decompose.

3. PVC panels are extremely easy to install. The panel is installed directly on the wall (or on a crate from a beam, metal profile) and fixed using self -tapping screws or special fasteners, ends and angles are closed using special elements. With installation of panels in a typical bathroom, an adult will cope in less than a day. The only restriction on the use of PVC panels is the prolonged exposure to sunlight, as a result of which the panel also fades the effects of high temperatures (from +60C), as a result of which the panel loses its shape due to melting polyvinyl chloride.