We redo the room ourselves: what to pay attention to

Redding the room allows not only to improve and change the interior in the room, but also completely changes the surrounding space. First you should take a pen, notebook and calculator.

Before eliminating the old in the room, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what exactly the new room will look like. Here you need to proceed from the size of the room, its target functionality. If the room is very small, then you can try to visually make it more. The tones of light shades and cold color help well in this. If you make the ceiling mirror, then this will visually make the room longer. Such a ceiling is not quite suitable for the bedroom, but it will fit into the bathroom or kitchen completely.

Since we undertook to redo the room, we must allocate certain zones using drywall partitions. Therefore, for work, we will need sheets of drywall, metal profile, screws, dowels, plumb. The place of the future partition is marked by a straight line on the ceiling. With the help of a plumb line, the same line is made on the floor. From the obtained lines, the distance equal to the width of the drywall and metal profile retreat. In addition, it is recommended to make a small supply in case of passage of electrical wires here.

Now proceed to the construction of the frame. It is made of metal profile. Then the frame is sheathed with drywall sheets, the joints are treated with putty. The partition is recommended not to do a deaf. You can insert transparent glasses here or place the decor elements. When highlighting the zone, you can use different shades and materials. The main thing is to think through the working area to the smallest detail so that it is very comfortable and comfortable here. If the partition is planned to be the location of the berth, then it is recommended to arrange it in calm, contributing to relaxation of tones. The playing area, as a rule, is made of bright shades. Against the backdrop of a silver shade, a red lamp looks good. Thanks to this combination, the space will look not boring, bright and at the same time cozy. If a classic style is chosen to decorate the room, then the column will look good. It can be either decorative and act as a place for shelter for wires and other communications.

The room can be perfectly changed and updated by hanging new curtains, spreading a new tablecloth, putting covers on chairs, layers on sofas and beds, etc. D. If you choose these attributes by color and material or make it in contrasting compared to the main shade of color, then the room will instantly acquire sophistication, style, and uniqueness.

The room is well updated. Better use natural light. To do this, you need to change wooden windows to plastic without unnecessary partitions. Thanks to this, the room becomes much lighter. Separate backlighting niches, emphasis on accessories, paintings, posters will save from a boring interior and add livelihood, novelty, beauty.