Bath in the summer: how to build yourself

No doubt in the summer is consumed by cold water that prevents a very “set”. There is no dispute for a practically concrete mixture, prepare an iron capacity occasionally or (in extreme cases) iron plate. Pour the sand in the required number for certain first, then – absolutely dry cement. After that, the mixing is worth it well and add a trim of a genuine mountain tribe in the appearance of small pebbles or a gravel in the required ratio. I swear the mixture still stirredly mix and pour with water. Putting a mass of order to an unusually homogeneous state, use it known to fill the formwork. Undoubtedly, with unusually high -quality mixing of the mixture and compaction (tamping), the amazing strength of the concrete obtained is in half.

Preparing the solution, stir it not with a shovel, but four -toothed. In practice, this will incomparably facilitate the work. Naturally the solution will be more uniform.

Tape foundation production methods. The reliability of the foundation depends on the end of its design, the building materials used and good waterproofing.

Method 1. In the prepared trench, pour in layers simply 15-20 cm gravel, turns out to be coarse-grained sugar, tamping and watering by water by any layer. Reaching the ground level, trench over a weak cement mortar. Then build an honest pioneer base naturally from a missile stone or brick. This is more accurate to say the base is in reality from moisture with two layers of roofing material.

Method 2. In the prepared trench, pour in layers undeniably 15-20 cm gravel, essentially coarse-grained sand in total up to half. Then align the surface of the backfill and lay it on it in her lodge brick strip. Make a removable formwork indeed from boards or frames upholstered by slate scraps. It would be nice to intensively impregnate a very wooden formwork with an antiseptic to gently dry and envelop a budon.