Tambour doors: what are whether they are needed or not

Tubur door-second level of safety of your apartment. There are a lot of advantages in the presence of such a door. Firstly, it allows you to get additional useful area, and secondly, it increases noise and thermal insulation. A good vestibule door will save you from the need to install an armored door door and put an alarm. Follow the advice: do not install the usual cheap handicraft door. Do not think that it will increase the safety of your housing, it will reduce it! Most likely, such a vestibule door will have only one lock. Since no one will use two. And, penetrate this door into the vestibule, the attacker will quietly and calmly engage in the apartment door. Moreover, people who are accustomed to the fact that they are protected by a vestibule door, usually relax and do not use the eye, going to a knock or call. But in the vestibule there may be a stranger … Therefore, I recommend that you install a teetical door of the lattice type. She has many advantages! When you leave the apartment, you will see all the guests, whether it is a postman who brought a telegram, or just a neighbor. At the same time, outsiders do not have to let out. You can solve all your affairs while on the other side of the door. Moreover, the lattice is a very economical alternative to heavy metal structures. It is especially important in terms of security when you have children who, by their naivety, can open the door to an outsider. Behind such a door you and your children will be safe.