Carpet in cutting and rolls: Osobility of choosing material

Synthetic carpets are made of polypropylene, nylon, polyester. Inexpensive in price, they are not afraid of moisture, and the color is with strength. Carpet into the room (for example, in the hall) is better to choose from polyester, since its pile is longer and preserves heat well. For non -residential premises (living room, hall), short -term.

Natural carpets are made of wool, flax or sisal. These are better and more expensive coatings, durable, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, and such a carpet in a children’s room or in the bedroom will be an excellent solution.

Synthetic coatings are used in rooms with high cross-country ability and frequent contamination: hotel halls and corridors, conference rooms, cafes, restaurants. A synthetic carpet with a long pile or natural is suitable for residential premises.

The advantages of carpet:

perfectly decorates the interior, makes the room cozy and comfortable;

has high noise -absorbing properties;

allows you to keep the floor always warm;

It is simple in care, easily washed with special means or washing vacuum cleaner;

practically does not lose its color;

Simple in styling and replacement.