STAS – original lighting interior decor

In Russia today, from the whole variety of lighting equipment, spots or spotlights are rapidly gaining popularity. Surfacing lamps have become popular thanks to the use of suspended ceilings and arched openings in the construction.

Structurally, they are made with a reflector, which contributes to the direction of the light flow. These lamps are very convenient in operation – you can change the direction of light, which can be distracted or directed, you can change the brightness of light, and they can also be attached not only to the ceiling, but also on the wall.

It is justified to use spots in rooms with low ceilings or in corridors. Spots are not the main lighting, on the contrary, they are used in order to highlight a certain section of the room, or focus on any interior item. Speks can also emphasize the design of a multi -level ceiling, and can also give the room a mysterious and romantic look if they are mounted in the openings of arches. The spots are made with two, three, four lamps and even a spot – systems with an unlimited number of lamps.

If you decide to use spots to create the right atmosphere in the room, then you need to take into account some nuances: to provide for the installation of spots in advance, place them taking into account the availability of electrical wiring, determine the place of fastening of the spots – wall or ceiling, find a competent specialist who will efficiently perform installation work. When performing installation work, be careful – be sure to turn off the electric current.

The installation and operation of spots differs from standard lighting devices with its simplicity, but before starting to install it, it is necessary to make a sketch that would be consistent with the architectural features of the building, the locations of the windows, as natural light sources, as well as electric wiring circuits. And only after it is all taken into account, determine where the spots and wiring will be located.

Open -type wiring is not only not desirable due to the danger of electric shock, but will also violate the aesthetic type of room. Therefore, the best way is to provide for special channels during the repair – strokes, into which the whole electrical wiring is hidden. As an option, fastening the wiring behind finishing materials, plastic or suspended ceilings.

For the installation of spots, the following materials will be required: guide profile, hardness profile, suspension, which are the basis for installing a spot system. The holes for fastening the lamps are based on. The next step is on the basis of the compiled sketches the electrical wiring is extended, and protective elements for lamps are installed.

If the SPT systems are installed in pools, saunas or in bathrooms, t. e. In rooms with high humidity, then special moisture -proof spots are selected that provide a high degree of protection and safety. If all the requirements for installation and operation are observed, then the spots will be a great light source.

SPOT lighting systems are easily mounted, easy to operate, compact, very functional, have a modern attractive design, and they cope with the role of additional illumination perfectly.