Ceiling tiles: advantages and features of use

Ceiling tiles many people mistakenly attribute to the materials of the economy class. It is erroneous because another project implemented using ceiling tiles is not only expensive, but also very aesthetic. In fact, the low cost of ceiling tiles is associated with the low cost of production. Ceiling tile is a foam sheet containing a relief or a relief pattern, sometimes laminated and painted.

Foam tiles are good in that it can be used in almost any room, since it is not afraid of neither the effects of humidity or sunlight. Installation of ceiling tiles is performed quickly enough, since one ceiling tile, as a rule, covers 0, 25 kV. m., which contributes to a quick installation. The glued surface is pre -prepared – remove dust and dirt, soot.

After that, the center of the room is celebrated, where the first tile is glued. The glue for tiles is applied pointily in each corner and in the center of the tile, after which the tile is attached to the surface and held for some time with the hands with slight pressure. After adhesion, the line of the next tile occurs.

The adjoining of the tiles to the walls is closed with ceiling skirting boards.