Paid polls: what is it, really earn or not?

On the one hand, paid polls can be a good part -time job or even earnings.

On the other hand, paid surveys will bring you a small part -time job (penny) or nothing.

Now we will consider both these parties in order that we can promise us earnings in polls.

Paid polls in terms of earnings

Paid polls can be conducted both by e -mail (which is most often common) and by phone (this is still rare). A questionnaire itself comes on the electron or an invitation to fill it out on a separate page (the corresponding page is indicated in the letter).

Why are paid polls conducted?

It is interesting and useful for large companies to know the habits of consumers, for this purpose, sufficiently large amounts of money are allocated for marketing research, which can be calculated by millions (and maybe billions) of dollars. Most of these funds go just to paid polls.

The Internet is an ideal place to conduct paid polls.

How paid polls are organized?

Paid polls, most often, come to you by e -mail. That is, you get a letter with questions. Or it can be online anchoring, an invitation to which also enters your mail-a link is given in the letter to go to fill out the questionnaire.