Avoid fogging PVC windows: Care tips

PVC windows and doors have good soundproofing and heat -insulating characteristics. People began to notice that humidity increased in the room, it became stuffy. The better the windows, the worse they pass the air, but now there are already plastic PVC windows that can breathe. The reason for the fact that humidity increases in the room and it becomes stuffy in the fact that after installing new doors and plastic windows, the room becomes air duct. By acquiring new high -quality windows, we protect ourselves from cold and noise, but in replacement we have to open them so as not to suffocate.

The humidity in the room rises when we prepare in the kitchen, wash in the car, and indeed the vital activity of colors and a person leads to the fact that not only fogs the windows that do not breathe, but also spoils the wallpaper. And the quality and freshness of the air largely depend on the presence and quality of ventilation.

Air conditioners will not allow solving the problem of air in the room, they can only change the temperature in the room. Only a properly organized ventilation system can help to ensure a high level of air quality. In order to always have fresh air in the house, it is necessary to organize an extract and a flow of air and ensure the correct air balance in the apartment (the hood and the influx should work in balanced).