Cellular polycarbonate: why builders choose it

Recently, builders often resort to cellular polycarbonate. This is a fairly universal type of building material, which is used both in the construction of greenhouses as an alternative to glass or film, and in the installation of visors and canopies. Often, cellular polycarbonate can be found in winter gardens and greenhouses, where the roof is represented precisely by cellular polycarbonate due to the fact that the transparent cellular polycarbonate is not inferior to glass, and energy efficiency significantly exceeds it – due to its structure, cellular polycarbonate retains heat and maintains heat and maintains heat and maintains heat Prevents its dispersion. Cellular polycarbonate is also used as partitions in bathrooms, using milky white or colored cellular polycarbonate, you can arrange a luminous ceiling.

Installation of cellular polycarbonate is carried out depending on the place of use. So, when the greenhouse is arranged, cellular polycarbonate is attached to a metal profile, during roofing, a sheet of cellular polycarbonate is clamped between the profile elements using screw ties, and when organizing partitions, it is inserted into the corresponding grooves of the profile of the profile.