Choose material for installing the fence: what to take into account

Wooden fences were widespread in Russia due to the proximity of the material, comparative lightness of the design and the pleasant cost of construction and manufacturing. They can be seen everywhere in Russia and at the present time – for the most part, the fences of wood are surrounded by cottage areas. Almost all of the Moscow region, for example, is the territory of wood fences. Installation and manufacture of wooden fences today is much lower than the production and installation of forged fences and more profitable than the installation and production of rabid fences. A serious plus of a wooden fence is that the material in this case uses natural and environmental. A wooden fence is able to be not only a solid distinction of the territory, thanks to it you can add a special coloring to the outlines of the cottage and the areas around. After all, wooden fences can be completely diverse. The elegant fence-tape, say, was once a traditional feature of the Old Russian settlements. Similar fences are made from interweaving trunks of small birches. The picket fence made of poles dug for clay at a small distance, again speaks of the bylies and fairy tales, and the ordinary picket fence is just to see in the villages – constructed from logs and transverse boards led to them. On fragments of the fence, various forms of thread can be made, which brings a certain orientation in ethnic context. Today, shield wooden fences that hide the territory from prying eyes are also widespread today. Often wood is used simultaneously with brick and metal fragments, which sets an increase in the hardness and reliability of the fence. Naturally, wooden fences are inferior in durability to metal structures, but a good wooden fence always lures over 20 years. In addition, the sections of the fence before installation are carefully processed with special compounds and varnishes to reduce the risk of aging, rotting of wood. Wood fences today are quite easy to disassemble and install. Strong wood wood is often used to create them, and the pillars are operated both from wood and iron. In addition, a wooden fence will never be boring – it is easy to paint in any color or emphasize the natural tone and texture of wood. This fence looks comfortable, of course, soundly