What is needed for relaxation in the country: what to buy

Cottage, country house, garden are places for relaxation and solitude with nature. Here a person is alone with nature, renounces everyday problems, absorbs himself living energy. However, it is difficult for a city person to present a good rest without comfortable conditions. Therefore, the design of the summer cottage should be thought out to the smallest details, which not only will not destroy the surrounding natural beauty, but will give it an atmosphere of comfort. To achieve this, the design of the suburban site must be maximally combined with nature. Therefore, natural materials will look organically here. Small pebbles or stone is perfect for garden paths, and for the veranda a deck board is perfect. Stone boulders can be used in compositions on decorative or natural lawns. Entranceless plants and water bodies, various fountains will fit perfectly into the landscape of the summer cottage. The murmur of water has a wonderful soothing effect on the human nervous system, creates a unique microclimate. You can admire the sunset or its sunrise sitting in a beautiful wooden gazebo. This is a great place for breakfast with the whole family, for relaxing with close friends or for a romantic dinner will be a worthy decoration of a summer cottage. There should be furniture and furniture. Her choice is now huge. The main requirements for country furniture: practicality, lightness, resistance to atmospheric phenomena. For its manufacture, a traditional tree, and plastic, and metal are used. Wooden furniture by nature is most suitable for the improvement of a summer cottage. Moreover, its diversity is amazing the imagination. These are tables and chairs varied in shape and style, sun loungers and chairs. However, such furniture is needed special care. Periodic it must be painted or treated with an antiseptic. A good alternative version of wooden furniture can be tick furniture. The peculiarity of this type of wood is resistance to water. Therefore, such furniture will delight its owners for a long time. Today, folding furniture is not inferior in its popularity. It is easy to transfer to a convenient place, light, but stable. It is convenient to store such furniture. Folding metal sun loungers, chairs and armchairs will perfectly fit both near the pool and on the veranda or lawn. The metal from which such furniture is made is not confirmed by corrosion, does not require special care.