Bimetallic radiators: features, advantages

Bimetallic radiators have a similar design and the same principle of action with other types of radiators. They consist of sections along which hot water flows and, heating the metal, transfers heat to the house. What is important then to know about them?

Bimetallic batteries are one of the latest achievements in the field of radiator heating. They consist of two metals – steel and aluminum. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The constructive solution of bimetallic batteries is designed to solve this problem, taking the best qualities of both metals.

1. Due to the high strength of steel, radiators withstand high water pressure-15-40 atmospheres. Thus, they have no restrictions on the height or complexity of the heating system. 2. Bimetallic radiators resistant to corrosion. Therefore, it is unpretentious to the composition of the water. 3. Thanks to the outer aluminum layer, they have high heat transfer, have an elegant appearance and weigh little.

Beautiful, reliable and durable. These three qualities allow bimetallic batteries to occupy a competing place in the global radiator market.