Cleaning household drains: process features

Cleaning household stocks of the poplar is properly processed according to the technical specifications of natural biological filtration of wastewater, by paired with the addition of air aeration with air. A certain supply of air bubbles – forced. The same procedure is needed for sufficient separation of organic matter, and then its particles in cleaned drains.  

The temporary period of work looks: drains shimmer into a prepared reception dishes or tank, where their drain is slightly stabilized. The priority cleaning from the harmful particles contained in contaminated water of the drained flow is also involved here: “Cleaning household wastewater is the same aeration wastewater purification”. We proceed to the next turnover: before that, after graduating the necessary moments, unpeeled water, it gets into this prepared for this – aircraft. Inside the apparatus, biological combinations are scattered by silt (active silt), according to its scientific reaction to drainage.

After the required completion of the silt cycles (active), using the recirculation erlift is submitted to the stabilizer erlift. The no longer needed Il as accumulates is cleaned in the special. The tank from it is removed by an airolift.  

Cleaning household drains is the elementary installation in any place of your summer cottage.