Construction of country houses: what you need to know

More and more people move from a noisy and dusty metropolis out of town. And this has reasonable justifications – is it not more healthy for health that the suburbs is a clean and fresh air than a hazardous and stuffy atmosphere of a dusty city? But in order to live in this paradise and at the same time use all the benefits of civilization, it is necessary to build housing that meets all modern requirements. There should be a sewage system and a water supply, and possibly also gas, not to mention electricity. Now there are opportunities to build a house for every taste and wallet. So what the house is better to choose for permanent residence? Traditional houses are brick and wooden. Brick houses, of course, look the most aesthetic and rich. But it is precisely because of their wealth and the price of a brick house is appropriate and not everyone can afford. Houses lined in two layers of brick look especially beautiful: the inner layer of ordinary and outer from decorative facing brick. Well -built wood houses can also look very rich. Wooden houses are built from whole and galindowed logs and timber. Log buildings are much more reliable and durable – ancient log cabins have the age of the time more than a hundred years. The logs are given a more even and pretty cylindrical shape, removing the upper protective layer of wood from the logs, which is reflected in the service life of such a building, but gives it the pseudo -classical style of the old Russian tower. This option is very expressive and stylish. The houses from the beam look more modern. This is a very good combination of price and quality and reliability, the most popular in our country. Houses made of foam concrete, expanded clay concrete and other foamy materials are a compromise between an acceptable price and the highest heat -saving qualities.   After mandatory plastering, such a building can be painted in any color or give a completely unique look. The latest technology in private construction is frame construction. It is from Canada and Finland, countries similar in climate with our.