Interior and entrance doors: how to choose for an apartment

Doors in the house – entrance and interior – an important part of the interior of the apartment. Properly selected doors will create a cozy space, emphasize the overall design, while performing the functions of protection, maintaining heat and separation of space. Today, hundreds of doors of Russian and foreign manufacturers are presented on the market.

Interior doors – a significant element of the interior of the apartment or office room. In addition to technical characteristics (thickness, dimensions), they differ in external design and materials from which. Distinguish doors from an integral canvas (deaf), interior doors with glass insert, with various decor elements. The main types of doors based on materials: models from an array of wood (pine, oak, birch), veneered doors, eco -pones, PVC and laminated doors, and laminated. When choosing, the buyer first evaluates the appearance, and then is interested in the cost of the product you like.

The front door provides reliable protection of the home, and also protects heat in the apartment. Unlike interior, the technical functionality plays an important role here: the depth of the door leaf, the thickness of steel, the number of locks, resistance to thermal explosion (if the door goes directly to the street). The internal filling matters: it depends on it good heat and noise insulation. It is high -quality door that input metal makes your house a real fortress.