Divani’s overturning -New Life of your favorite furniture

Once comes a moment when it would seem good furniture losing its external attractiveness. At the same time, the internal resource on the spot. After all, the upholstery can break, get lost, be served. Do not throw away your favorite sofa because of such a trifle? In addition, to buy new furniture, one need one percent guarantees that it will be as comfortable, soft and comfortable as your favorite sofa or chair. Do not rush to throw your favorite piece of furniture, especially if you are financially not ready to buy a new one.

There is always a way out. For example, puffing sofas, as offered here. In addition, this process can be done with your own hands. To do this, you will need material for hauling, meter, glue, foam, flat screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, brackets, furniture stapler.

Before proceeding to the process of pulling the chair or sofa, be sure to get acquainted with the information that is proposed here. Now that you have some idea of ​​how everything should be, we will go to the store for the right materials.

After everything has been bought, we analyze the furniture, disconnect the backs, armrests and seats from the main frame. For this you will need a screwdriver. We inspect the base, pull the mount, if necessary, then replace the wooden components. Fastening sites can be glued.

Now you will need a flat screwdriver for disconnecting furniture brackets. This is necessary in order to get rid of the old upholstery. You need to do this process carefully, build not to damage the material, then how it can be useful for a pattern of new material.

We measure the size of the frame, as shown on this page on the example of chairs of chairs. Also cut by the standards of foam. The frame is abundantly lubricate with high -quality glue and glue the foam. We give time for drying. We lay out the fabric for upholstery to the top and circle the upholstery pattern in order to cut the desired piece.

We spread the fabric on the floor or on another flat horizontal surface. We put the part to pull the part on top. We pull the material and fix it in the right position using a furniture stapler. So that during the plug, the fabric does not need to be fixed with the ornament, starting from the center. The distance between the brackets should be no more than four centimeters. We pull each soft part and collect. First, install the back, then the seat and at the end of the armrests.