Parquet laying: features and stages of the process

Parquet floors at all times were signs of well -being and prosperity. The luxurious palaces of kings and princes were covered with varnished or induced expensive woods from valuable wood, often brought from the newly open lands by the best masters of the parquetchiks. Now all this splendor is available for much less money, although not a particularly expensive bag will also give your housing a completely different look. Parquets are divided into the following main types: red -dried, solid and standard.

Krasnoder Parquet is the most expensive and best type of parquet coating. Only exceptionally rich people who have a great taste can afford it – real princes of today’s days. Such a floor is covered with the same expensive and high -quality varnish developed from exotic varieties of wood. This parquet can stand for decades, without requiring repair, only occasionally it can be plugged. Of course, such floors are genuine works of art, and can only be made by true masters of their craft.

Hard parquet is an order of magnitude cheaper, but is still available only sufficiently wealthy people. Cottages and suburban houses of solid businessmen – these are the places where you can find a package of solid woods. Such a floor can be laid out with a pattern of any complexity and color, it all depends on the skill of a parqueter, whining on which in this case is inappropriate, because the material is quite expensive, and to extend the service life needs the most accurate fitting of the planks.

Standard parquet is the most affordable type of parquet coating that covered the floors in Soviet apartments, and about which happy newcomers spoke with a famous pride. It is available to almost everyone. In suburban construction, such floors are used in the decoration of houses intended for year -round residence, t. To.   With disconnected heating, soft and insufficiently high -quality wood, as a rule, from birch, can be crumpled.