Extruded polystyrene foam: what is

Extruded polystyrene foam slabs have a more solid structure than foam. Due to this basic quality, they are used in most cases for isolation of places, with high loads of weight, and mechanical effects on the basis. Extruded polystyrene foam slabs, which have a 45 kg/m3 material density, are mainly used to isolate surfaces in buildings with an industrial and construction direction. In private housing construction, they usually use slabs with a density of 30 kg/m3. This building material has a fairly low waterwork coefficient. Their use finds itself, in thermal insulation works of such premises as the foundation, basement, walls with high humidity. Such material is widely used, for thermal insulation of flat inversion roofs, the design of which is covered with extruded polystyrene foam over the waterproofing layer of the roof, and, accordingly, protects it from mechanical damage. Extruded polystyrene foam plates, use well, for insulation of floors, which are built directly on the ground. Due to the fact that these plates have quite high characteristics for the erect to moisture coming from the soil, thereby make it possible to install them, directly on the ground, previously compacted in a naturally, below the level of the executed layer for anti -capillary waterproofing.

Poles of extruded polystyrene foam usually have a completely smooth surface, but there are species, with a light roughness available on their surface. Plates can also be used for insulation of the walls of houses, since, there is a unique surface of the plates, allows the material during interaction with the adhesive composition, to ensure good adhesion of the insulated surface. A base, can also be isolated with such a material, slabs can serve for a basement as a non -removable formwork system.

The dimensions of the standard plate of extruded polystyrene foam are as follows: 600×1250 mm, at a time when its thickness can be from 10 to 150 mm.

The use of extruded polystyrene foams will significantly reduce your costs, on the insulation of your home.