Universal enamel PF-115 for coloring: distinguishing features

There are a large number of colors and varnishes for staining wooden, metal and other surfaces in the building materials market. Emal PF-115 relate to them. The presented type of paint is used for internal and external works.

The enamel PF-115 dries perfectly and lies with high quality on all kinds of surfaces, originally treated with soil.

According to experts, enamel is considered one of the best, among other paints and varnishes. Compared with oil paint, the enamel PF-115 has a number of superiorities. It is waterproof, durable and also has an excellent appearance.

Technical characteristics include its viscosity, resistance of color, hiding place. The enamel PF-115 enamel consumption is calculated as follows: 100 g per 1 square meter of stained surface.

Almost always, repair work on painting is carried out in the summer. When there is heat on the street, and in the house the smell of paint, floor mobile air conditioners come to the rescue, due to their compactness and simplicity. With them you will feel comfortable and during the repair.

Emal PF-115 is produced two types: glossy and matte. You always have a choice, correctly choose coloring material for any surfaces.

If you really want to repair your housing with qualitatively and without flaws, you need to purchase paint in specialized stores.

Using the PF-115 enamel, you can stain wooden surfaces, concrete, bricks. In internal work, enamel is used to paint windows, doors, walls.