Chamotum brick: where it is used, characteristics

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the chamotnaya (or stove, as it is also called) brick is still used in construction. The centuries -old traditions of stove heating houses, the Russian bath – these are the prerequisites for the use of chamotis brick, because now, as before, stove heating is common in villages and in dachas, no Russian bathhouse will do without a Russian stove and a chamotis brick is used everywhere. Shamot -barking brick, in comparison with the usual ordinary brick, has high refractory, that is, withstands high temperatures (over 1000 degrees), perfectly conducts heat and is quite durable. It is made of refractory clay varieties.

The technology of laying a fireplace or fireplace brick furnace for many still remains a mystery, since the secret of masonry is transmitted from generation to generation. Shamot -barking brick is used not only in the construction of furnaces – the excellent refractory properties of chamotis brick allow it to use it where high temperatures are by no means rare and reliable protection against fire is necessary. Many industrial premises in the part where they work with open fire are lined with at least two layers with chamotical bricks.