Hall interior: which style to choose, what to pay attention to

Today we will consider the question of how to furnish the hallway in a small apartment. If the area of ​​the hallway is very small, then you should refuse large furniture, and use compact, but spacious furniture. As an item for storing things, you can use a regular shelf with hooks, and for shoes you can use a console.

The mirror on the wall is an integral part of any hallway, it will also help to visually expand your small hallway. On another wall, you can use photos or paintings within, but they must be of various sizes to give a larger highlight in your interior.

The floors can be covered with laminate to the color of the tree, the choice of shade depends on the choice of the future front door, as well as on the interior of the walls. If you cannot afford to cover yourself financially, then you can cover the floor with carpet. When coating with carpet, the main thing is to remember that you should not use light colors, because you will go into the apartment from the street and you can light the surface.

Using a Mexican style in your interior

If we talk about the Mexican style, then it represents something extraordinary, since here you can combine bright colors, use various ornaments and drawings. If you use this style in the interior, then in this way you will bring warmth and comfort into your house. Not much distracting much. You are the owner of the car and look for where to buy Nokia cheap tires? MVO service centers offer a huge assortment of tires and discs at affordable prices.

But no matter how good this style is, few people use it, since it does not suit everyone. A mentality also plays a special role, since many prefer to use the usual wallpaper to everyone. In addition, the Mexican style is an exotic that is present in many Mexicans.

But if you are all, you decided to use the Mexican style in their interior, then they should give preference to a bright palette, as well as, all the natural. Mexican style implies the use of blue, yellow, orange, blue shades. You can also use brown color, which will be visible on furniture or decor elements. Among other things, the Mexican style makes it possible to express their freedom, and in addition to show what you are a designer. In order to do not seem too bright to the room, you can lay the carpets of muffled tones on the floor.