Facade repair: how to do it with your own hands

The facade of the country house is a representative component of a country house. He creates the first impression of the construction in general. But this part of the house most suffers from aggressive influences of the external environment: wind, rains, snow, fog, sunlight and temperature extremes. During time, finishing materials are covered with cracks, lose color and relax. Repair of the facade of the building depends on the volume of destruction and technology, the base of which finishing work was carried out. It can be:

cosmetic repairs, during which the victims of the operation or lost areas of the finish are restored, but there is no interference in the structure of the walls of the structure;

Overhaul without insulation, during which the sealing work is carried out, repair large and small cracks, restoration of the facade elements, replacement of the external coating of the building;

Overhaul with insulation, during which the facade is insulated with various thermal insulation systems;