Concrete path: varieties, dignity

A private house without a track is continuous problems. In winter, when snow falls out or in the fall, when it rains, getting from a gate to the house can simply not be possible. For this, many people make paths in their sites.

Asphalt paths are very common, however, the greatest popularity is still behind the traditional material of the builder-concrete. Concrete path is made elementary. First you need to make a strong formwork that will not allow concrete to spread in an arbitrary form.

The formwork must be thoroughly fixed, otherwise all the labors can go around the drainage. The thickness of the concrete path is also very important.

If possible, it is better to make a concrete path as thick as possible, so you will have more chances that after winter it will not crack. It is necessary to use high -quality cement and not spare it during the preparation of the solution. The quality of the future concrete path directly depends on the ratio of cement and sand, so when a solution is kneaded, you should not regret and save on building materials, since later it will cost you much more than if you have to redo everything over again and remove the old concrete.