Floor material: varieties of coating

Attaching boards there is nothing to say to the frame, you can not use metal nails. Otherwise, you will quickly burn about them. Naturally, instead of nails, use perfectly wooden (oak) pins. If you still rush to actively use metal stainless screws, and then it, then it is inverted for them for them from below, after the bars into the board. In this case, the screws of the screws will definitely not affect the bodies.

It is quite a middle regiment that you can again strengthen a lot of stationary, and you see located above, without any other than others and do it removable or folding.

In addition, the cheek shelf is recommended to be well replaced with a bench. On seriousness, this will facilitate the cleaning and drying of the room. In open text for mounting removable regiments, actually strengthen on the wall of the bars for their support. It would be nice to waterproof the side ends of the hard and the legs of the shelf. To do this, you can use rubber (rice. 9). In fact, in order to restore a natural business on the shelf, not to be thoroughly lactated, there is no doubt on the wall, provide for the stands one hundred percent for the raised legs. They can be made in the form of railing, cross member (rectangular or unusually round cross section).