Laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Of course, the owner himself will make the final decision on the design of the bathroom, but he should also know about some details that can cause a certain visual effect. The vertical stripes of the pattern, the corresponding laying of a rectangular tile increase the height of the room, and light colors create the impression of greater volume.

If the room is narrow and the ceiling is high, then the horizontal lines will help to harmonize the interior, causing the opposite of the above effect, visual expansion of the walls.

Having decided on the pattern, it is necessary to draw a laying plan. It can be done manually, which will require attention and accurate accounting of the size of all additional decorative elements, inserts and borders. Professional designers can do the same work using special computer programs in the cabin where tiles are purchased. Based on this plan, the amount of the necessary material is calculated correctly.

Before laying, the surface is prepared. It should not only be smooth enough. All walls in the bathroom, ceiling and floor should make up the right cube with the presence of parallelity of the corresponding surfaces. For aligning operations, building mixtures, plaster, special drywall, its varieties resistant to moisture are used. Immediately before laying the tiles, a primer of the base is carried out. Special solutions used for this operation provide better adhesion, some have antibacterial properties.

Laying tiles is carried out on an adhesive solution. It is worth noting that modern compositions of this type are dry enough, so the total coating area for a single operation should not exceed one square meter. In small rooms you can start with the walls. In the most “visible” corner, it is necessary to use whole tiles so that the cut areas do not catch the eye. Laying is carried out in the direction from the bottom up. It is planned so that in the last turn, work is performed on the wall in which the doorway is located. On the floor, solid tiles are laid at the threshold. It is necessary to withstand the period set by the manufacturer, and do not walk on the surface until the adhesive layer dries.