Cement brands: varieties, distinctive features

Cement can be different brands. The cement brand indicates what kind of strength the future solution will have, or concrete (depending on what you are going to do). The higher the cement brand, the stronger the mixture.

However, the strength of the future solution depends not only on the brand, but also on how much sand will be used and in what proportions the sand-cement mixture will be made. The most popular and suitable cement in terms of price and quality ratio is brand 500 cement. On a bag of brand, as a rule, it is designated by abbreviated “M-500 ″. It is not difficult to guess that the higher the brand of cement, the higher its final cost will be. For the construction of high buildings or any other structures that will carry serious loads, it is necessary to use cement with a brand of at least five hundredth.

For small buildings, sheds and other similar buildings, cement and smaller brand are quite suitable. In order for the solution or concrete to be as strong as possible, you need to use not only the cement of the high brand, but also make the ratio of one to two, or one to three.

For a barn, a ratio of sand one to four and even one to five can be suitable, it all depends on the operating conditions of the future building or structure.