Bath mixer: varieties, how to choose

Bath mixers have low spouts and can have different variations: with a manual shower, with a shower holder and wall mixers. Now many models are equipped with an electronic control system, which significantly improves the quality of operation.

Features of the installation of the mixer depend on the characteristics of the bath itself. Often the faucets are mounted on the side of acrylic baths. It is best to use a set of vertical installation. This kit is selected individually for each specific bath. When acquiring a certain mixer, you should purchase installation devices of the same or similar type, which will be compatible with your product.

With a different installation option, the distance between the inner edge of the bathtub and the wall should be taken into account. If this distance is less than fifteen centimeters, then it is best to choose a fixed mixer, without the possibility of turning. It is compact and perfect for small bathrooms.

A more modern installation option is a hidden mount. At the same time, all mechanisms are hidden in the wall, and outside we see only a decorative panel with handles.