PVC tile and PVC bar: how to choose

PVC tiles are available in the form of square and rectangular fragments, which are very practical in laying – they remain at least scraps, and the consumer does not have to pay for excess material. The composition of the tile is a mixture of resin and vinyl, reinforced by additional components for strength and plasticity. On top of two basic layers (base and reinforcing layer), a film with a pattern is applied, then a protective film made of polyurethane. As a result, the resulting material turns out to be reliable and wear -resistant, but flexible, convenient for styling.

Methods for laying a connection type

Installation of PVC tiles can be done on almost any surface: wooden or concrete floor, tile, ceramic tiles. An important condition – the base must have been even, otherwise the styling will not turn out to be of high quality and the work will be spoiled. By type of styling, the tiles are divided into three types.

PVC tiles on a self -adhesive basis have a sticky layer on the back of a film, which is carefully removed and fragments on the floor are cleaned and laid, clutching them and rolling a roller.

PVC tiles with locking joints of the “PAZ-VTOLL” type is interconnected by a puzzle method, then tapped with a rubber hammer for reliable fixing the lock.

To lay PVC tiles in the usual adhesive method, use PVA glue or other with similar properties. Each tile is coated with glue from below and laid, clinging tightly to the floor. Installation in this way should begin with the center of the room.

Advantages of tiles and pvc planks

This floor vinyl coating is universal and suitable for use in any residential or office premises, as it has great advantages during operation:

environmentally friendly material;

PVC tiles have many colors that simulate natural materials and expensive wood breeds;

It does not require complicated care, enough regular mild, wet cleaning, which is very practical and does not take much time;

does not slip, has antistatic properties;

warm, durable, provides good sound insulation.