Future behind wooden windows: the advantages of application

Today, the technology of manufacturing wooden windows has reached such peaks that their quality is in no way inferior to plastic.

Their design and functionality are absolutely the same, the whole difference is only in the material.

In Russia, plastic windows are gaining more and more popularity for one simple reason – in Europe their popularity falls. Because of this, manufacturers are forced to shift their sales markets in other countries, advertising their goods from them.

Let’s compare the properties of wooden and plastic windows.

PVC windows will highlight harmful substances. With an increase in temperature, polyvinyl chloride becomes less durable, and with a decrease – fragile. Over time, plastic yellows in the sun. The most vulnerable place of plastic windows is a drainage system. Condensate appears on the windows because of it, and ice at the bottom. Due to the formation of ice, moisture enters the profile and freezes there. This prevents the penetration of warm air from the room inside the profile. A large accumulation of ice in the profile can lead to the destruction of the profile itself.

Wood – environmentally friendly material, which means that it does not pose a threat to human health. Warm to the touch, holds heat perfectly and isolates from street noise. High -quality wooden windows more durable than plastic!

For the production of windows, such breeds of wood as pine, larch, ash, beech and oak are used to move. Wooden window frames are made of three -layer glued timber. Thanks to this, the frame is less prone to. The window structure is impregnated with an antiseptic to protect against adverse weather conditions, and is covered with varnish to preserve the natural texture of the tree. In addition, wooden windows are much better suited for the Russian climate, as the tree “breathes”.

In cost wooden windows are slightly superior to their plastic analogues. Russia is rich in forest resources, and this makes wooden windows more affordable.