Sand: that it is building material, features of application

Sand is called the material of rocks granular granular. In most cases, sand is pure quartz minerals, with a minimum number of all kinds of impurities. As a rule, in nature there is sand with a fraction of 0, 10 mm to 5 mm (sand with a very large fraction). Sand is classified at the place of extraction, for example, the sandy sand near the sea is called “sea sand”, and the sand, typed near the lakes, rivers – “lake” and “river”, respectively.

Sand can also be obtained artificially. To do this, it is necessary to crush solid shafts on small mesh, which in large quantities will be sand.

The most popular varieties of sand in construction are river sand, as well as career washed and career mountain sand, as well as specialized construction sand. Construction sand is made according to the state standard under the number 8736-93. The grain size of such sand can be no more than 5 mm. Sand is an indispensable building material at any stages of work in construction.

This building material has been used for many, many years together with cement and form a strong mixture, when the crushed stone, gravel or expanded clay forms a mixture, which is called concrete.