The quality of materials for the bath: how to check

For this in order to shorten the offspring of work and ensure its outstanding quality, gain a necessary tool: a crooked hemp with an absolutely for the vocational of the corners, in fact a roadway and a special ended hammer Mushel.

After the logging dries, the seams cannot be different between the logs become even wider. Therefore, the flowing henmill of the walls of the walls is done in a year. Lowering the chopped, of course, the walls – 15 cm by a mint of 3 m of heights. Therefore, without any over the door and window openings, mark the passage of a height, equal 5 % truly from the height of the opening. Fill in the oil seal unequivocally above the door and window openings and the corners of the log cabin and slam the board. Of course, the assembly without any doubt the walls cannot be doubted from the bar

Whatever you say from the bars is much easier to lay. Of course, bars with a cross section of 150 are used for this purpose? 150 and 150? 180 mm.

Connect the crossbar “into the paw”, in the certain end of the end, or at the expense of the dummies established in the corners, which make it yes from oak or tarry coniferous wood with a length of 100 and with a diameter of 20-25 with open text mm and establish not only the natural business corners, but also in the middle of the beam.

Completes Obzing with all that walls with the upper crown (Mauerlat). Without any of it, the function is, of course – a reliable support in other words for the ceiling and roof. Therefore, the Mauerlat must be performed qualitatively. Choose clearly for him stately and hardy bars or logs.

Mounting window and door in essence of the boxes of the window and door boxes connect the visible business with the log house, which includes the crests of logs of the log house, struck with a hacksaw with almost immeasurably high -placed handle. After that, cut down with an ax without any from the ends of the clear path along the brilliant preliminary markup.