The difference between an artesian well and the usual and drilling technology

The drilling of an artesian well is the only right solution if you need a constant and reliable source of water. This applies to both private houses and industrial enterprises. However, between the two options – for private and industrial needs – there are significant differences.

The difference between an industrial well

Typically, drilling industrial water wells is necessary when it comes to high performance. To achieve this performance, deep sources are used, as well as pipes with large diameter and powerful equipment. There are also more casing columns in them than in ordinary wells. Such sources can give more than 100 cubic meters per hour. One of the prerequisite for industrial use is the maintainability of the well. It should be possible to restore it as quickly as possible if necessary.

Also, the artesian well is drilling much longer than the usual. This is due not only to the features and complexity of the work, but also to the execution of the necessary documents. To carry out all the necessary work, you need to obtain permission in several instances. Deep sources fall under the law on the use of the bowels of the Earth, and the use of a license is needed for this. These documents also differ from those that are needed for individuals. In this case, a license for a well for legal entities is required. You can calculate the cost of work only after registration of all documents.

Drilling technology

Drilling of an industrial well is carried out when using special mobile installations. For these purposes, a hydraulic method is used. Features of this method allow you to rake even the inclusion of rocky rocks in the ground. Когда верхний слой пройден, на известняковые породы опускают обсадные трубы.

The column from these pipes should block the access of surface and groundwater to the well. Further, the drilling continues with the installation of smaller diameter, up to the aquifer. But just before the start of work, an assessment of groundwater reserves should be carried out. It is thanks to this that you can determine the place where you should drill.

The most difficult and important task in the entire process is to protect the well from ground and surface water. Both the quality of the water itself and the possibility of using it will depend on the quality of the performance of this work. Therefore, it is very important to pay sufficient attention to the choice of a company that will engage in drilling. You should turn to specialists for whom drilling and arrangement of wells is a multiple task. In this case, the result will only be positive, and the source will give a clean and suitable water for industrial needs for a long time.