Greens in the interior of the dining room – the original table from the designer Emily Wettstein

The desire to bring to your house something fresh, bright and interesting is most often realized by placing fresh flowers or plants in pots in it. For those who are looking for even more vivid ideas for the transformation of their home, but are not yet ready for such a radical move as vertical landscaping, the designer Emily Wettstein from Brooklyn offers a very original and unusual solution – a table, in the central part of which a real lawn grows.

Earlier, a slightly similar idea was already represented in our blog – it was a coffee table, under the glass countertop of which living plants grew. In the case of this table, the plants are not hidden anywhere, but show their bright fresh greens, thereby decorating the interior of the dining room or other room where this original furniture will be located.

Material for the manufacture of the table was walnut wood. Whether this product will become serial or is it a single option is not yet known, but it is possible to say with confidence that people will definitely appear who will want to transform the interior of their home with the help of such an original table.