How to care for LCD monitor: tips

For LCD, a monitor, as well as for any other thing, needs careful care – timely cleaning of dust and pollution. Knowledge of the elementary rules of operation and caring for the monitor will help you not only clean the window of the online world, but also to avoid the breakdowns and misunderstandings in the work.

The most important rule in caring for the monitor is timely cleaning.

To clean the LCD monitors today, the market can offer a lot of various kinds of special means. These funds can be found in specialized computer stores, and in ordinary household chemical markets, and on the Internet. Moreover, you can always entrust the monitor cleaning to the specialists of the service center, of course, for additional payment.

If the circumstances are forced to take care of your monitor on your own, the tips below will be very useful for you.

1. Within the framework of the safety regulations before cleaning, the monitor must be disconnected from the mains.

2. If you use a special tool for cleaning monitors, follow the instructions for this means.

3. If you do not have a special tool for cleaning the monitor, it can be prepared independently from improvised means: you need to add a little baby soap or shampoo to a container with warm water (no more than 30 °). The solution should be weak, not concentrated. Baby soap or shampoo do not contain alcohol and other dangerous ingredients.

4. If your monitor does not need serious cleaning, but it is necessary to remove only the upper layer of dust or smooth the stains from previous unsuccessful purges, it will be better to use a wet cloth – moistened in ordinary water, without adding any means.

5. To clean the monitor, it is necessary to use a bottomless cloth. Cotton fabric napkin is well suited for collecting dust and neutralization of old stains.

6. Wet the prepared napkin in solution or water, squeeze it to a state of mild humidity. Water should not drip from the napkin.

7. Wipe the monitor screen carefully, light tangent movements. So that there are no divorces on the screen, it is better to start movements from below and smoothly move upward. Polluted areas are processed more carefully.

8. If you cleaned with soapy solution, you must additionally clean the other cloth moistened in ordinary water.

9. After you removed dust and pollution, take a clean dry napkin and wipe the dry screen with the same light tangent movements from the bottom up.

It is necessary to clean the monitor from dust periodically, as it is contaminated. It largely depends on the level of dusty place where your desktop is located.

And remember: the fundamental key to the successful work of your monitor is your conscious attitude to cleaning and caring for it. Value small, and it will teach you to appreciate more.