Metal tiles: The advantages of roofing material

Metal tape is a specially designed material for the roof, in the form of profiled galvanized sheets of steel, the upper part of which is covered with a special polymer chemical composition. It is this composition that gives the color of finished products and protects it from corrosion.

The main advantage of this building material is the durability and practicality (from 25 to 30 years), small weight (per 1 sq. meter only 4, 5 kg), an attractive appearance, ease of installation (the installation of sheets is overlapped) and at the same time the sheets are quite simply if necessary change or tinted.

When purchasing a metal tile, you need to remember that this material is not cheap enough and you buy it not for several years, so you need to take the choice very reasonable. First of all, you can check the material for compliance with quality standards according to the thickness of steel and color scheme. As practice shows very often it happens that under the guise of material with a thickness of 0, 5 mm, they sell a finished product with a thickness of not more than 0, 4 mm, which is undoubtedly considered a level lower in the class of product. To check the thickness, you need to look at the packaging (usually the thickness of the steel is indicated on it) or measure it yourself, using a caliper or microener. If the standards do not comply, then you can often see a distorted sheet. The result of the above is an uneven fading. Mandatory check the building material for compliance with the color saturation standard. This is done so that, if necessary, buying a repeated sheet does not get discrepancies by color.