Installation of a wooden fence – a classic aesthetics of naturalism

The decision to install a wooden fence refers to profitable, modern and justified options. The fence from natural materials will perfectly fit into the style of landscape design, emphasize its completeness and natural beauty.

Preemptical choice! The combination diversity of the geometry of the constituent elements will provide a perimeter of a fashionable cottage or a cozy summer house with a reliable and exclusive structure. She will demonstrate a practical approach and the super-dmeduated taste of the owners in a special way.

Installation nuances and types of wooden fences

The installation of products is based on full compliance of the member elements. The bearing base is metal pillars supplemented by falshums and durable fasteners. The choice of the mounting method and parameters of the basic nodes are determined by the structural state of local soil.

The sought -after types of execution include:

Solid fence. Has no gaps and is characterized by clarity of lines and expressive design.

Stage options. Traditional and chess solutions are perfect in creating a decorative or protective fence.

An individual approach is represented by horizontal, overlapping and intertwined structures.