Reliable and productive format-sprouting machines

Formato-sprouting machines are intended for builders, or rather, for cutting the boots of chipboard, MDF, OSB, as well as wood, plastic, composite materials. Such units are used in furniture factories that make cabinet furniture. Recently, format-sprouting machines have been intended to perform operations for cutting tile material. With the help of this function of high accuracy, such units promise that the products will be of high quality.

A laminated plate without chips will be able to easily cut the format-disk machine, which is presented on the market. It must be remembered that only high -profile equipment can cut with high accuracy.

How to choose the right format-disk machine?

The first rule – the length of the carriage must determine the maximum size of the sheets that can be cut on the machine.

The second rule – engine power is also very important. A lot depends on this main parameter, for example, the performance of the unit, its technical capabilities.

The third rule – the saw disk should be the maximum size. Using this quality, you can determine the height of the workpiece.

The fourth rule is the type of carriage. Basically, such devices are divided into two types: roller and ball. What does this mean, not every user knows. Roller carriages are devices moving in cylindrical directions made of steel that are based on the axis of the video. Ballic carriages move along flat steel guides and rest on a number of balls. Of course, roller and ball devices have advantages and disadvantages. Ball carriage – more accurate, and roller – hardy.

If the machine will operate less than eight hours a day, then it is better not to produce heavy sheets on it. The price of such an unit will be slightly lower.

The fifth rule – the weight of the equipment is also very important. This indicator is important for all machines, because it should be determined by technical, operational and constructive characteristics. If the mass of the machine is small, then it may not withstand strong structural elements. If it, on the contrary, is too big, then a special foundation may be required that will hold the unit.

Very often, plants equipped with units with poor technical characteristics begin to buy machines with a lot of mass – they do this in order to compensate for vibration. It is caused not by the strength and poor balancing of the part. Vibration on such machines is not permissible, which is why you need to be very careful, it can lead to the inaccuracy of the cutting of the material, which will not affect the production. Quality because of this will also suffer greatly.