Kitchen lighting design: how to do it competently

The cozy and comfortable appearance of our kitchen gives not only good kitchen furniture and interior, but also correctly selected lighting for it, which must be taken into account when planning the repair of the kitchen. No matter what size your kitchen is, you need to think over the amount, brightness and most important location of each light device. Since the main purpose for the kitchen is the convenience of cooking, then one of the options for the location of the lamps is the lower plane of the kitchen cabinet so that they illuminate the working area of ​​the countertop.

If your kitchen of large sizes can be formed by several light sources. Which will solve different functional problems such as zoning of the kitchen (working, dining area).

When you have a low ceiling in the kitchen, you do not need to load it with lighting equipment. It is better to experiment with small spotlights. There are kitchens on which are not many, then hinged lockers can be placed on the wall. There is one important requirement here. Lamps must be combined with the main interior of the kitchen. An even good addition to the main lighting can be lighting inside the hinged cabinets with glass doors, which will illuminate the contents of the shelves.